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How To Maintain Your Water Softener

Water softeners are used to remove high concentrations of minerals from your water. Namely, water softeners decrease the amount of calcium and magnesium – known as hard minerals – from your water, so it tastes better and protects your faucets, shower heads and piping from getting clogged with residue over time. While “hard water” seems almost like an oxymoron, water containing a large degree of minerals can wreak havoc on



Bobby Boucher Water Boy, Mud Dogs Now that’s what I call high quality H2O.
Shannon Turner Owner, Mandakani Yoga Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I am loving the water! Since we switched to your water my students have been drinking more.
Susan Hall Manager, Coffee Lodge, Duty Free We switched to Kern Ice about 6 months ago and are very happy that we did. The product is great, as is the wonderful customer service Kern provides. Being able to buy local is a plus.
Don Holden Manager, Shell Kern Ice Products are great. The ice is filtered water so always fresh. We never have to call to get a refill on ice, they always pop in and check. All staff is amazing. Thanks for everything.

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