Signs Your Water Softener Isn’t Working Properly

The concept of hard water may seem like an oxymoron, but when your water softener is not working properly, the quality of your water will change. When your water softener stops working as effectively as it is intended to, it will fail to remove hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your water. While your water certainly won’t turn into a solid, an excess of these minerals may affect your day-to-day life.

If you have a suspicion your water softener isn’t working properly, reach out to your water specialists at Kern Water. We will be happy to support you to diagnose the issue and provide you with the help you need to enjoy the quality of water you deserve.

You are feeling “squeaky” but not squeaky clean after having a bath or shower

Think about spending a day on the beach and the ways the sun and sand affect your skin. Now, imagine getting out of the shower and having that same feeling of dryness and stickiness, regardless of how much soap you use. When your water softener stops working, you may notice that calcium and magnesium begin to deposit on your skin, creating itchiness and dryness. This can be especially irritating if you have little ones at home with sensitive skin. 

Your water has developed a salty aftertaste

Usually, water that has no taste – or comes with an appealing taste – is the surest sign of well-treated water. When your tastebuds shudder after taking a sip, you may very well be dealing with hard water deposits and the salty taste they leave behind.

You are beginning to recognize visible signs of hard water being left behind

Hard water does not just affect your tastebuds, skin and hair, it will also make its presence known on your pipes, faucets and appliances. You may recognize the telltale signs of a hard water problem when you pull stiff clothes out of the laundry. Additionally, you may start to see a crusty residue building up around your faucets and drains. From water spots through to soap that won’t lather, an inefficient water softener is sure to make its presence known. 

Your dishes simply will not sparkle the same

Likely the first place you will notice water spots, left behind from hard water, is on your dishes. Is there really anything worse than going to set your table for dinner guests and realizing all your glasses look cloudy and covered with water droplets? If you are noticing water residue is being left behind after washing your dishes, this may be a good indicator you need to get your water softener serviced.

Otherwise inexplicably low water pressure

You may notice in your sinks or while using the hose or shower, your water is just not spraying like it used to. This low water pressure can be the result of hard water buildup that leaves resin in your pipes and compromises their ability to allow water through. The result is weak water pressure in the shower, sink and hose.

Regardless of the reason, hard water is not hard to deal with when you work with the right people

If you are experiencing any or all of the above that indicates your water softener is not working properly, reach out to our team at Kern Water and we will answer your questions and provide you with the best products and services to ensure your water quality is what it needs to be to support your best quality of life. 

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