How To Maintain Your Water Filtration System

How To Maintain Your Water Filtration System title with a glass pitcher of clear, clean water being poured into a glass cup.

Water people know there is a difference when it comes to well-filtered water and the other stuff. When you properly maintain your water filtration system, you get to enjoy wonderfully clear, great-tasting water that is free from any aftertaste which may make you think, “That’s not quite right.” Luckily, maintaining your water filtration system is relatively easy and inexpensive to do. But, it may require setting a little reminder or just keeping in touch with your client services representatives at Kern Water, so we can ensure every single sip is one you enjoy.

How you can guarantee a better glass with water filtration maintenance

At Kern Water, we offer a number of different water filtration systems. This is because, dependent on where you live, the needs of who will be using the water and where your water comes from, each unique customer will benefit from a unique style of water filtration. With that in mind, there will be a couple of different approaches to how you keep your particular system running to the best of its ability.

Water filtration system maintenance

Innovative and efficient, reverse osmosis systems are fantastic at purifying your water of unwanted contaminants. To extend the life of your system, it’s best to replace your filter on a regular basis – especially, if you begin to notice a change in your water quality. Additionally, be sure to sanitize your system and clean out any residue that may impede upon its ability to filter. With the proper care, your water filtration system can do its thing for many, many, supplying your home and office with premium quality water for drinking, bathing, farming and so much more.

Keep it simple & leave the maintenance up to Kern Water

Whenever you suspect there is an issue with your water filtration system or you sense it’s just not working like it used to, reach out to Kern Water and we can conduct a maintenance checkup and perform any necessary cleaning, adjustments or replacements your system requires. We will be transparent about how best to extend the longevity of your filtration system while also prioritizing your access to clean drinking water. To do this, we will check things like:

  • How sanitary your system is
  • The system’s flow rate
  • How well the tubes are draining
  • Wear, tear and build-up of residue

If you would rather not have to worry about updating your water filters, within your home or business, you always have the option to partner with Kern Water to receive a continuous supply of three to five gallons of water, whenever you need it. When you purchase water coolers from us, you can choose from water that has gone through the reverse osmosis process or alkaline water that boasts a wide range of amazing health benefits.

Whatever your water needs, our team of friendly, knowledge water specialists will be happy to serve you. Reach out to Kern Water today and taste the difference quality and sustainability make.

Bobby Boucher Water Boy, Mud Dogs Now that’s what I call high quality H2O.
Shannon Turner Owner, Mandakani Yoga Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I am loving the water! Since we switched to your water my students have been drinking more.
Susan Hall Manager, Coffee Lodge, Duty Free We switched to Kern Ice about 6 months ago and are very happy that we did. The product is great, as is the wonderful customer service Kern provides. Being able to buy local is a plus.
Don Holden Manager, Shell Kern Ice Products are great. The ice is filtered water so always fresh. We never have to call to get a refill on ice, they always pop in and check. All staff is amazing. Thanks for everything.

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