World Water Day

This World Water Day, we will celebrate the wonder of water and bring awareness to the harsh reality 28 percent of the world does not have access to potable water. While many of us are privileged enough to turn on our taps and fill up our cups with clean water, for more than 2.2 billion people around the world, this is not the case.

That’s why, since 1993, the United Nations has observed World Water Day. Not only does this important day aim to remind people we cannot live without water, but the hope of the movement is to ensure that – one day – water scarcity will be a distant memory. Learn more about World Water Day and how you can support the United Nations’ goal of water and sanitation for all by 2030.

This World Water Day, we are making the Invisible Visible

In 2022, the United Nations has chosen to shed light on the importance of groundwater, an invisible resource that directly and significantly affects populations’ access to drinkable water. Groundwater is hidden deep in the earth in naturally formed “pipes” and underground rivers called aquifers. Unlike aboveground water, it’s not relegated to a few channels. Instead, groundwater exists practically everywhere – in the smallest cracks of rocks and between grains of sand.

Groundwater feeds ponds, rivers, lakes and every other body of water around the world. It can also be pulled from using wells and brought to the surface for drinking, washing, farming, etc., There is potential for groundwater to provide large populations with wonderfully clean water that would change their lives. However, when the groundwater gets contaminated, all of this life-saving and enriching potential goes down the drain.

The ways to protect water include limiting run-off from industrial plants and farmlands as well as addressing the effects of climate change and its implications for the drying up of essential water resources. World Water Way is all about shedding light on the positive change that can come with intuitive policymaking and daily changes in our routine to prevent waste and contamination.

At Kern Water, our love of water runs deep

For more than 40 years, Kern Water has been catering to the hydration needs of Sarnia-Lambton. Our company connects our community members with crystal-clear water – wherever and whenever they need it. Our innovative approach to water solutions helps ensure more people can access clean drinking water – no matter where they live or what work demands of them. From simplifying water treatment to making safe water more affordable through to delivering water coolers to homes and businesses, since 1986, our mission has revolved around protecting the integrity of water and investing in its sustainability.

This World Water Day, we hope our global community will consider helping create ripples of goodwill by spreading the word about international water shortages, acknowledging and supporting the human right to easily and readily access drinkable water. By raising awareness about the importance of groundwater and fundraising to make it available to all, we can create a tidal wave of impact for the 2.2 billion people who desperately need it.

Did you know our water coolers can replace thousands of plastic water bottles every year? In celebration of this very special occasion and to help keep our oceans clean, we are offering a BOGO deal on our water tanks. Fill one tank and get one fill FREE! Don’t wait. Quench your thirst this World Water Day with Kern Water.

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Shannon Turner Owner, Mandakani Yoga Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I am loving the water! Since we switched to your water my students have been drinking more.
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